Thelma and Clyde

Thelma and Clyde

Информация об исполнителе (авторе)

Описание: Норвежская группа. Пишут музыку в стиле Electronica.

Thelma and Clyde is a norwegian electronica duo, based in Kristiansand/Oslo.
Their debut EP (incl. two songs on 7" vinyl) was released january 2010. We are just done recording our first album. The fist single was released on the 26th of June.
It is currently available on iTunes Store and it introduces our collaboration with rapper Salvador Sanchez, as well as with critically acclaimed producer-duo Jan Bang/Erik Honor? who will be mixing the entire album. It will be
available for puchase on cd/vinyl/web on the eight of november 2010. Stay tuned.

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