Yearning in the fall

From time to time
Befall to flee away
Long yellow rain
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Стихи по теме Yearning in the fall

The Falling Leaf

The wind is in high frolic with the rain.
Outside the garden a little yellow leaf
Clinging desperately to its mother branch
I pick up the leaf
And put it in the book,

The Fall

За что же осень я люблю?
Не за дожди и ветер сильный,
Не за погоду мерзкую свою,
А за красивый шелест дивный.
За воздух свежестью манящий,
Что приближает нас к зиме...

The throne of lucifer

The sunset blazes ‘pon the vault,
This afternoon dies slowly forever,
The world is overfilled with weariness and fatigue,
Another episode of this life’s masquerade
Comes to an...

The end of evil is near - Конец зла близок

Это предопределено,
Это предопределено:
Чистые сердца 100 миллионов
Изменили судьбы людей,
Расторгли злой план.
Конец зла близок...

The Game of Life

I play the game - the Game of Life,
I cannot find the end,
But I stay calm and I enjoy
The "birth-and-dying" Band
And then, just after sixteen years,
When I am kind of man...

The New Age

In the New Age, with the possibility
Of looking at Life Spiritual,
We now may let ourselves
Make spots of past effectual
And now we see differently
Past and the "Here and Now...

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