Insomnia or the Speculation of the Stars

O sleepless night! I am in love with you!
O youthful night, the belle of the ball!
Thine veritable messengers, the stars, the comets
And the meteors
Arrived on time.
How majestic they are, these celestial bodies!
How magnificent is their canticle in the night!
They are the witnesses of golden ages and falls
Of the ancient empires.
Bloody tyrants, impostors and prophets they know by sight.

Tell me, o Night, wherefore we live and die?
Or do we just lie down and leave time?

February 14, 2013
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у нас у всех кому за 20
...сжигает мыслями. .
и не дает вздохнуть...

The end of evil is near - Конец зла близок

Это предопределено,
Это предопределено:
Чистые сердца 100 миллионов
Изменили судьбы людей,
Расторгли злой план.
Конец зла близок...

The New Age

In the New Age, with the possibility
Of looking at Life Spiritual,
We now may let ourselves
Make spots of past effectual
And now we see differently
Past and the "Here and Now...

The throne of lucifer

The sunset blazes ‘pon the vault,
This afternoon dies slowly forever,
The world is overfilled with weariness and fatigue,
Another episode of this life’s masquerade
Comes to an...

The landscape is changing

The landscape is changing
The landscape is crying
Thousands of acres of forest are dying
Carbon copies from the hills above the forest line
Acid streams are flowing ill across...

The silvery night sinks down in heavenly cracks

The silvery night sinks down in heavenly cracks.
Fires of lanterns convict a predatory
sight of the urban wolf.
The dissolute fog irons
a cold body
the fan of mad silence...

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