New Rose

Композиция New Rose из альбома The Spaghetti Incident исполнитель Guns N' Roses

Информация о треке

Исполнитель (автор): Guns N' Roses
Альбом: The Spaghetti Incident
Загрузил на сайт: poops
Размер файла: 3.02 Mб.
Битрейт: 160 kbps.
Время звучания: 2:38 мин.
Скачано: 168 раз

Текст песни

(spoken) Is she really going out with him?


I got a feeling inside of me,
It's kinda strange, like a stormy sea
I don't know why, don't know why
These kind of things gotta be

I got a new rose, I got her good
Yes, I knew that I always would
I can't stop to mess around
I got a brand new rose in town.

See the sun, see the sunny skies
Don't get too close, it'll burn your eyes
Don't you run away that way
Come back another day


I never thought this could happen to me
Oh so strange, why should it be
I don't deserve somebody this sane
I haven't met her, maybe too late


[Repeat first verse]

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