Mozart in Egypt

Mozart in Egypt

Информация об альбоме

Исполнитель (автор): Сборник музыки
Дата выхода: 1997 г.
Описание: There are problems, of course, in trying to marry Mozart and Egypt. Western music takes pride in the vertical arts of harmony and counterpoint. Arabic music is linear, one event following another. The result then is what the producers describe as a "crazy diagonal." And yet it works. Mozart sounds just fine on the oud [ancestor of the lute], and its way of decorating a melodic line is not at all dissimilar to the Western approach. Best of all is hearing the piano and oud together, when one player takes the melodic line, the other harmony.

Mozart in Egypt, devised by Hughes de Courson, was at its release in 1997, considered in the musical spheres world-wide as a true musical phenomenon and acted as meteorite. Indeed the musical encounter which brought together Mozart and Egypt together was unexpected and explosive! The much awaited Mozart in Egypt 2 features more than 200 musicians & singers, bringing together peoples from Europe and the Middle-East.

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