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Have you ever thought why children believe in miracles? Sometime ago every of us was a child. This is a true story of a small boy and a little girl whose dreams came true in the New Year night.

So, once upon a time on the eve of New Year night, the small boy was sitting in his room & reading a book. He read lots of books and this one was about pirates who were searching for the treasures. Those were noble pirates; they robbed only rich people & saved women and children. He imagined himself a main hero, fighting with enemies when suddenly his mother knocked at his door & told him: “Winny, it’s time to go to bed. Santa is going to come soon and he likes good, obedient children. You want him to give you a present, don’t you?” – “Sure, mom. I am going to sleep in 2 minutes. Sweets dreams, mom.” – “Sweet dreams, darling”.

He knew that his parents have bought him a bicycle and would give it to him as a new year present. But he was old enough to know that it was not Santa Claus. The boy was dreaming of a boat. The real boat, so that he can swim and search for the treasures. He knew that one day he will have his own real boat. However, this night the boy was looking at the snow falling down through the big window and somewhere inside was dreaming of something magic to happen …

The same night, the little girl was sitting in her room. The whole world seemed enchanting & unknown to her at that moment. In her fantasies she was surrounded by the Goddesses of Moon, Beauty and Love and they helped her to fulfill her wishes. This night – a New Year night was so special, full of mystery. She felt that it was a very important moment in her life. The little girl knew that Santa Claus is real, because she saw him several times before. And now, she was waiting for him. She had a cherished wish that she was going to ask from Santa.

And, finally, Santa Claus appeared. “Darling, why didn’t you ask for any gift this year?” – Santa said. “Because I have a very special wish, Santa” – the girl answered. “I know that the Love Planet exists. I want to go there to see it”. “But you can’t go there alone, Sunny” – said Santa. “You should love somebody and want to go there together”. “I love” – little girl said. “Whom do you love?” – “I don’t know him yet. He’s also lonely now. This boy has a kind heart; his eyes are blue and sometimes become green, and he has light hair. He’s dreaming of being a pirate and wants to have his own boat. Have you seen such boy?” – “Oh, yes. I’ve just flew by the window of this boy. He was looking at me, but didn’t see me. He doesn’t believe in me.” – “So what? I believe in you. Please make my wish come true, bring us both to the Planet Love.”

“Ok, my dear. This is your dream and I have to fulfill your wish. But you should remember one thing. After you come back from the Love Planet, you’ll become ordinary children again. Then you’ll grow up and forget about this nigh trip. I can’t do anything with it” – said Santa. “No problem. I believe that when the time comes, you’ll fly to me and tell me this story. Because I will believe in you even when I grow up, I promise”. “Well, your wish is a good wish, girl. Go, you have one full night. It’s yours” – said Santa and disappeared.

At the moment this conversation took place, the small boy almost fell asleep. All of a sudden, the picture around him has changed from the casual room and snow outside to the sunny summer day. He was standing in the middle of the field full of flowers. The sun was shinning and the delightful smell was felt everywhere in the air. There was a little girl standing in front of him.

- “Who are you?”, he asked.
- My name is Sunny, and what is your name?
- I am Winny
- “What a nice name”, the girl said and smiled. Do you always win?

- Not actually, but I have to. I must be the best!
- But you are the best, because there is no other boy like you.

- No, you don’t understand. One boy in my class has better marks on math than I do. The other my friend runs faster than me.

- Why do you have to be the best?
- Because then, people will love and respect me.
- What if they love and respect you just because you are who you are? I don’t need you to be the best.

- Hey, wait! Who are you? I was falling asleep and now I am here listening to you speaking strange words to me. Where am I? Is it just a dream?

- You can think it’s a dream, but this is true. You’re in my wish on Planet Love. I asked Santa to bring you and me here.

- What Santa? There is no Santa Claus, don’t you know?

- May be there is no Santa Claus, but we are here now on the Planet Love and this is a fact.

- Okey, Sunny. You say that it is your wish and the Love Planet. Suppose I believe you. But how can you prove it?

- You can wish whatever you want now and it will come true.

- Why?
- Because Love is very powerful force. Try, wish something, you’ll see yourself.

- Good. I wish …
And now, the picture has changed again. They were floating on a big ship. Winny was a captain & Sunny was a woman whom he just rescued from the other pirates. It was storming and the huge ocean waves were trying to overturn the ship, but the brave captain Winny coped perfectly. Finally, the storm came down & they saw an island. “The earth of treasures!” – cried one of the pirates. The crew stepped over and went to the centre of the island, following the map. Later on, they dug a hole and found a big trunk – full of gold, silver and precious stones. But they couldn’t lift it up. Then they decided to put the treasures into the pockets, but it fell down all the time. Seemed like all the clothes had holes where the treasures were put. “What’s going on?” – screamed Winny. “You’ve lied to me, Sunny! What’s the reason of all these treasures if I can’t bring them with me on the ship and make us rich and happy!?” – “You’ve answered your question already. None gold of the world will make you happy. You can’t carry it with you when this night is over. The only thing that will stay with you is Love. I love you simply because you are. You don’t have to prove me anything. You’ve proved yourself. Only Love is worth.”

Now, they stood again – a small boy and a little girl in the middle of the beautiful flower field. The boy’s eyes shined. He finally believed and understood everything. They looked at each other and laughed. Then, they took each other’s hands and ran. They were running and laughing and singing from happiness that filled them inside and finally they flew above the earth. Because Love brings wings and you can really fly.

But the night was about to over. They saw a first morning star. “We have to go apart” – said Sunny. “How can I find you?” – asked Winny. - “Don’t worry. Love will make us find each other.” – “And how can I know that this is you?” – “Santa will tell you this story, this way you’ll know.” They kissed each other and woke up in their beds – a small boy and a little girl.
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