Fragile we are

What we live in.

Day by day you are spending time in isolation. You try to extract yourself from routine. However, reality engulfs you; you have no time to be in your own world, a world of peace and freedom where everybody is kind.

You are old enough not to believe in such fairy tales. But at night time you close your eyes, and a dream takes you far away from reality. It’s like a drug for you, but you cannot stop taking it. You like the feeling of being up in the clouds. But each time it hurts so much to fall down. While you are falling everything is turning into ruins. Nothing exists any more.

“We are rejecting the fact that, perhaps this final act was meant.

To clinch a lifetime’s argument. That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could.”

Suddenly, you can see a long dark corridor in your way. This corridor is so long and dark, with many doors towards the light. You feel scared, because you don’t know what to do and which door should you chose. Everything in your way seems to be like in a movie. But it is a real life with different options in there ways. And now you are getting ready to make a choice in you life but somebody is pushing you in a wrong direction.

Now you are falling from the cloud and all your life is like in a move, flash before your eyes. You understand that there is no other way to change the ending. Closer and closer you are to the ground. You know what is going to happened next, closing your eyes, and in this time, just portend that you are again in a dream.

“On and on the rain will fall. Like tears from a star. On and on the rain will say, ‘How fragile we are’ ”.

Yes, we are fragile, and our life is like a time line, which might stop anytime. Our life consists of many doors in our way, with a secret behind them. We never know, what is going to happened but we need to be ready for everything.
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