Energy, Existence Divinity

Energy, Existence Divinity
Energy... the universal power,
making any thing and matter one.
It creates eternal tower
of everything that was and should be done.

Existence... the calibration source,
giving all its name and special task.
Where energy is a special force
that's up to place ideas on the desk.

Divinity... the existential ocean,
where every essence plays its role on stage.
Where energy is spinning in a motion...
and it is so at any time in any age.
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Стихи по теме Energy, Existence Divinity


Путаюсь в ногах, пытаясь встать.
Встаю, пытаюсь побежать и падаю.
На уровне глаз – табуретка с часами,
назло всему, часы спешат.
Опершись на табуретку, сажусь.
Что толку в...

God is Energy

God is Energy. Divine...
Just reveal it.
You may find...
God is everything.
Above, and beneath.
It is Love...

Dont you forget

Don't U forget
To take all you wish to take
With yourself into the Mystery!..
Life wasn't a useless fake,
It means so much for the History
Of Earth deeds. What your Spirit...

Go On

If there is something
You cannot accept,
Stiuation, Existence Part, Man,
Take yourself in a loan.
As here you had never stood.
No time - no space - no mood...


Big blue eyes, coquettishly flowing...
What is it there to be going?
Just for a while, Love strikes you again,
You have to decide, is it worthy of pain...
Shine, Girl, Shine...

The true religion hides within yourself

The true religion hides within yourself.
You will reveal it by a true divine will,
Breaking up all mind's lies and shelf,
But having clear look still...
It's not about...

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