Она дышит в сердце
глубиной слез.
Капельки пота
в хрустальные лепестки
и ветер
опускается на плечи
мистической розой.
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Стихи по теме One


Big blue eyes, coquettishly flowing...
What is it there to be going?
Just for a while, Love strikes you again,
You have to decide, is it worthy of pain...
Shine, Girl, Shine...

One small house

I am walking in the forest of my own life
I feel at once and suddenly inside,
I love so much this nice and magic day
I am breathing this so wonderful and mental way
And in the...

One more dose

Blue evening goes to deep blue night…
I’ve tired to regret
About those secret things I might
Uproot out of my head.
But something in my heart goes big
And I know its both...

One more....haiku

watching spring birds
she thinks of buying

One more haiku... about moon

fool moon
there must be a reason for her
to cry

One day

There's pain in my heart
that won't let me live.
There's pain in my life
only you can relief.
I'm so glad it was you
that stayed by my side...

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