My evil is flame
I become a femme
And another key
Of my soul and brain
Will be say
I watch your angry again
In your evil flame
When you crash brain
P. S. Femme is women in french
Авторская публикация. Свидетельство о публикации в СМИ № S108-150067.
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Стихи по теме Flame

Dont you forget

Don't U forget
To take all you wish to take
With yourself into the Mystery!..
Life wasn't a useless fake,
It means so much for the History
Of Earth deeds. What your Spirit...


Big blue eyes, coquettishly flowing...
What is it there to be going?
Just for a while, Love strikes you again,
You have to decide, is it worthy of pain...
Shine, Girl, Shine...

Anyways, Again

What is there to be conscioused?
What is there to be gained?
Anyways, so in Love with your touches,
I am thinking about you again.

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