George Gordon Byron. To time

George Gordon Byron. To time
The spell is broke, the charm is flown!

Thus is with life's fitful fever:

We madly smile when we should groan;

Delirium is our best deceiver.

Минует время, чары тают!

Жизнь лихорадкою проходит:

Мы улыбаемся, страдая,

В бреду спасение находим.

Each lucid interval of thought

Recalls the woes of Nature's charter;

And he that acts as wise men ought,

But lives, as saints have died, a martyr.

И мысли проблески, мерцая,

Несчастье жизни воскрешает,

И, мучеником лишь играя,

К святым отцам нас отправляет.
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