Awakened, Im dreaming of my sleepy day

Awakened, Im dreaming of my sleepy day
Awakened, I'm dreaming of my sleepy day :
The "how I walk" and the way that I breath..
To nod and to follow in somebody's wake -
The less proper meaning of what my life is.
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Стихи по теме Awakened, Im dreaming of my sleepy day

Day and Night

Night is a long day shadow
Light the stars on a sky meadow.
Day is a light of life,
If it’s sunny – we are bright.
Day show us the way,
The games we make and play...

Dream Theater

О, Dream…
Мечта из юности далекой,
Таинственно – прекрасна, как луна,
Ты птицей надо мною кружишь вольной,
И манишь, зазывая в дальние края.
Эх, Theater…

Last day with you

How could this happen to me?
I made my mistakes...
Where the pain that you feel?
It's in our hands.
I don't know what to do,
So just give me this chance...

Before my dreams are turned to snow

Before my dreams are turned to snow,
I’ll make a step into the light.
I’m sorry but I need to go.
I cannot win this wisdom’s fight.
In winter stream of my desires,
I close my...

To My Beloved One on a Sealing Day

The day has come, the Sun has risen!
The angels chant the hymns of Love!
And came true the brilliant visions,
On our shoulders sit the doves.
We took upon ourselves the vows...

One day

There's pain in my heart
that won't let me live.
There's pain in my life
only you can relief.
I'm so glad it was you
that stayed by my side...

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