Михаил Казаков (Дмитрий Александров)

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Dont worry, be happy! перевод

Не парься, будь счастлив
Вот маленькую песенку я написал
Может ты захочешь спеть её , валяй!
Не парься,будь счастлив.
У всех в жизни бывают неприятности
Но когда ты паришься, они удваиваются...

Thomas Anders - Tenderness перевод

Where are you, my love and tenderness
Where are you, my hope and happiness…
In this world, oh, it can be so cruel
But without you I’m without a soul!
Now I’m lonely and I’m lost
Our roads will never cross...

Thomas Anders Fahrenkrog Gigolo перевод

I got class, I got style,
You're in love, you want me to stay for a while
I will be the man by your side, "Mister Right".
Got no heart, got no soul,
It's so cold, I'll let you think that you're in control
It's a game you just can't win, you can't win, just remember...

After your love is gone. Modern Talking. перевод

Oh you playing games, playing
Games, hurting my soul
Seven days, seven nights, without control
Oh every day, every night I was alone
When you're not next to me
Should I listen to my heart, girl...

Why do you cry? Thomas Anders перевод

You know, my girl,
I need you to write my story.
You love to fly
But now you are by my side.
It’s you I need,
And there is no point in worrying...

Dementia перевод

Two brains in my head, my mind is out of control
Looking for blood, looking for meat
I see your minced body under cover of the night
Pale, like the moon above
Trembling hands, sweat on my lips
Can't believe it, can't believe...

No face, no name, no number перевод

Love is like the ocean burning in devotion
When you go, go, go, oh no
Feel my heart is burning when the night is turning
I will go, go, go, oh no
Baby I will love you
Every night and day...

Win the race

We have a dream, you win tonight
Take a chance, take a chance, God is on you side
We pray for you, you like a hurricane
You can win, you can win, you can win the game
Try the impossible, we want a miracle
There's a million fans around...

You are not alone

How deep is the ocean, how deep is your love
I have the love in my eyes.
But how do you feel, when you can't get enough
Halfway to your paradise
Oh my love, is your love, forever and again
You are not alone - I'll be there for you...

Love me on the rocks

She had hay rezone
My world turns blue
She went to open Russia - went to school
Oh, I can't take my eyes off you
Come baby, breaking the golden rule
She that's tough of theme - the rest of all...

Ill Never Fall in Love Again

Heaven is for everyone
If you're old or if you're young
Baby, you can't kiss the past goodbye
When I saw her in the night cafe
Just near by the Champs-Elysee
She lookes so sad, she breaks my heart...

Last exit to Brooklyn

I cannot sleep-the night is young
I cannot eat-i want some fun
I pick you up-route 66
Life gives me the kick
I cannot live-i love this life
I cannot die-can i survive...

Lian Ross Say youll never перевод

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
If this meant to show one say it's mystery
Since the day I met you baby I can feel
Deep inside my heart I know it's real
You have turned my dreams into reality
Baby not my hunter, you're sweet melody...

Money, money, money ABBA перевод от женского лица

Я работаю и день и ночь, чтобы оплатить свои счета
Разве не печально?
И всё ёщё кажется не могу оставить себе ни цента
Слишком печально
Но в мечтах у меня есть план
Если я заполучу богатого парня...

Деньги Пинк Флойд перевод

Money, get away
Get a good job with more pay and you're O.K.
Money, it's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I'll buy me a football team...

Деньги, деньги, деньги АББА перевод от мужскоголица

Я работаю и днями и ночами, чтобы оплатить свои счета
Разве не печально?
И кажется никогда не смогу оставить себе ни цента
Куда хуже?
В моих мечтах есть план!
Если я стану богачём...

Mrs. Robota Modern Talking перевод

Oh, every day and just every night
I see your face, babe, on my laptop screen
You're high and low and just between
Oh, every day and just every night
I send an e-mail to dream factory
I asked if you're reality...

Ricky Martin-livin la vida loca перевод

Liven' La Vi Da Loca
She's into superstition
Black cats and voodoo dolls
I'd felt a premonition
That girl's gonna make me fall...

Pick Up The Phone

Said good bye when I leff to your answering machine.
Then you jumped in a plane
you know what I mean.
Pick up the phone
oh yeah - pick up the phone...

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love перевод

If I should stay,
I would only be in your way.
So I'll go, but I know
I'll think of you ev'ry step of the way.
And I will always love you.
I will always love you...