Visions Of Domino

Композиция Visions Of Domino из альбома Dandy in the Underworld исполнитель T. Rex

Информация о треке

Исполнитель (автор): T. Rex
Альбом: Dandy in the Underworld
Загрузил на сайт: poops
Размер файла: 3.30 Mб.
Битрейт: 192 kbps.
Время звучания: 2:23 мин.
Скачано: 278 раз

Текст песни

This woman is a perfumed breeze
Greek Gods recline on her knees
I'd freeze the sun to kiss her ear

It all makes up the visions I call Domino
It all makes up the visions I call Domino
Right now *

A suit of doubt she gave to me
In return I cried a sea
Of poet's tears and something more
I camped outside her velvet doors

* Repeat

Love's a freak and it moves fast
My marble dream it could not last
Now every time this girl I see
She tries to chain me to her tree
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