Композиция Oomingmak из альбома Victorialand исполнитель Cocteau Twins

Информация о треке

Исполнитель (автор): Cocteau Twins
Альбом: Victorialand
Загрузил на сайт: poops
Размер файла: 4.50 Mб.
Битрейт: 232 kbps.
Время звучания: 2:42 мин.
Скачано: 170 раз

Текст песни

Soon as he was agreed
the real business
all this I ever spent
a meaner rythym
fatasy greenery
all in all an enemy (or early morning millionare as everyone seems to put down)
enemy, synergy
intermixed with legacies
better days
better quakes.....

drifting on forever on a side wall
fantasy greenery
all in all an enemy....
nervousness, anarchist....
clearly spoke
clearly wrote...

Feet Like Fins

A time to live again
a little tense
beyond belief!....

I grew up
setting blocks...
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